About Us


We reckon you are gifted. The chosen few; blessed by the Beard Gods.

We also know that you are as proud of your beard as we are, so we encourage you to showcase for the world.

Our apparel makes bald-faced wimps quiver, and the fair maiden flock, as if your beard wasn’t enough. 

So join in our revolution, The zero2beard revolution. Where shaving isn’t a thing… ever. A revolution where we believe that people who tell us that beards are unprofessional…are unprofessional. A revolution where No Shave November is a lifestyle. Where Beards Unite.

It’s not all about the swag, however. A portion of all proceeds from each and every sale will be donated to support the Wounded Warrior Project.
The boys had our back, now we’ve got theirs. 

Follow us on social media for promotions, contests, and simply cool bearded lifestyle pictures. 

From beard enthusiasts, to beard enthusiasts.

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